I first started coming to Dr. Monika two years ago. I was in a very dark place in my life because of my medical condition. I was diagnosed with vertigo after blood work, CAT scan and MRI. I had been on several rounds of steroids and antibiotics. The steroids would help a little, but as soon as I went off of them I would be miserable. There is no other way to describe my condition other than life changing. I went from being a health and exercise nut to not being able to get out of my bed. My parents had to come and stay with us because I couldn’t take care of my two children.

I was having a really bad day and was doing some research on my condition on the internet while in bed. Doctors could not help me and I had been begging the Lord to guide and help me every day. While surfing the web the Franz Family Spinal Care link popped up on my computer. They just had opened up a month or two ago and something was telling me that this was my next step. I called the next morning to get an appointment and was evaluated by Dr. Monika Franz. Dr. Monika was the first doctor I saw that truly was concerned about me.

My first appointment I found out one of my legs was almost an inch longer than the other because of my alignment. She adjusted me and several days later I started the slow process of coming out of my nightmarish fog. In the beginning I sometimes needed to be adjusted twice a week and she even came in on a Saturday to see me. She put me on Standard Process supplements to help me as well. She worked hard to make me feel better. Staying in-line was the only thing that kept me functioning that year.

A year after I started seeing Dr. Monika I finally got some answers as to why I have chronic vertigo. After skin and blood tests with a traditional and alternative allergist I found out that I am allergic to almost everything. I am allergic to 90% of all foods, environmental, chemicals, latex, etc. I suffer from chronic inflammation of the ears and sinuses. God has led me to some answers and I have added NAET acupuncture to my regimen. I feel blessed that although I am not healed I am doing much better. I have even gone on a few vacations in the past year!

I want to thank Dr. Monika for helping me when no one else could. She has seen me in tears and she has seen me with joy. It has been a long journey and Dr. Monika has been with me every step. She doesn’t have to adjust me as often as she used to, but when I’m out she sees me as soon as she can. She has been a fantastic doctor, but through it all she has been my friend. Dr. Monika and Dr. Ben are both such caring people and they show that, in and out of their office. I am so thankful that God led me to them.

-Erin B. Simpsonville, SC


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