High Blood Pressure


(high blood pressure)

I had been on medication for high blood pressure for about eight years when my doctor noticed that it was a little too high and suggested raising the dosage. Instead I decided to try to find another way of lowering it.

I read about a medical study indicating that NUCCA chiropractic might lower blood pressure. I was skeptical of chiropractors in general, but I felt quite confident after meeting with Dr. Monika.

After 5 weeks and only three adjustments my blood pressure reading has dropped more than 30 points in the top number and more than 10 points in the bottom number. I don't remember it ever being this low before. In addition, I no longer have pain and discomfort in my neck, shoulder, and leg. This treatment has made a big difference in my life.

-Mary, 50 years old. Simsponville, SC

(fluctuating blood pressure, headaches,neck pain, back pain, knee pain)

When I first came to Franz Family Spinal Care I had multiple issues. Headaches, neck aches, back pain, and strange fluctuations in blood pressure. I also could not turn my head either direction. My evenings were unbearable and i lived on motrin.

My first visit with Dr. Ben was December 1, 2009 which consisted of consultation, x-rays, and my first correction. I was in very bad misalignment.

Dr. Ben took his time and explained everything thoroughly, and I was particularly happy that there were no spinal or neck manipulations common to many chiropractic treatments. The actual alignment process is gentle and painless.

I had significant relief in all areas the first day and was holding my correction after several visits. Once holding my correction, all of my previous issues were completely cleared up. I have been holding my correction for months now and feel like a completely different person(no pain relievers in months).

I am extremely happy with my results and only wish I had found Franz Family Spinal NUCCA Care many years ago.

Thank you Dr. Ben and Franz Family Spinal Care

-Betty R, 65 years old. Pendleton, SC


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