Shoulder Pain


(shoulder pain, neck pain, arm pain)

I am a 72 year male that was diagnosed with an osteoarthritis back in 1990. I have suffered with neck, shoulder, and arm pain of varying intensity. My primary care physician sent me to physical therapy which resulted in very limited relief. I went to 4 different type of providers, and the best I could obtain was relief for a few hours - if I received traction treatments. In fact, the exercise and other manipulations resulted in me being worse off than when I started.

I sought treatment from an Orthopedic specialist who did an MRI and xray, and determined that a bone spur was pressing on a nerve was the reason that I was not getting relief. Since I have had two quadruple by-pass surgeries, two heart attacks at different times, two separate double stent procedures, and a failed stent procedure, I was NOT a candidate for surgery to remove the spur that would likely grow back. My pain was so intense that I could hardly lift my arm to eat a meal. I decided to consult a chiropractor; this led me to Franz Family Spinal Care.

Dr. Ben Franz evaluated me on May 27, 2010 and began treatments. I found that after the 3rd treatment, within less then a month, I was able to go two weeks at a time without pain and then only minor pain. Since the later part of June 2010, I have been pain free and came back for checkups every 2-3 weeks with that interval increased to once a month since August 23, 2010. Occasionally, during these checkups Dr. Ben has needed to make minor adjustments. They were not because I was having pain, but rather to tweak me up to insure that I did not regress.

I'll never forget when Dr. Ben gave me my diagnosis. He said, "Your head is not on straight." I think I told him that I've been told that before, but what is wrong with me? Bottom line: he has been a GOD SENT and I don't know what I would have done without his help.

-JH, 72 years old. Greenville, SC

(shoulder pain, low back pain, sciatica)

I have had headaches for as long as I can remember. The shoulder and back pain have been for several years. With the low back pain then I had discomfort running down my right leg, making it difficult to sit.

After being x-rayed and adjusted I felt relief the same day. I've been seen twice since and my shoulder pain, low back pain, and the pain that went down my right leg is gone.

I have been under chiropractic care for over 26 yrs and this is the best I have felt. My other adjustments were completely different and I felt relief for a short time, but this seems to be more effective!

-Jane, 58 y.o. Spartanburg, SC

(shoulder tension, neck pain)
I was having pain on the right side of my neck. I assumed it was from tension and that I needed a massage. However, when one of my friends massaged my shoulders (which were tight) it only seemed to make it worse. It felt like someone was pulling on the muscle.

After my first NUCCA adjustment I instantly felt relief and my shoulders began to relax. I continued to fell better for days afterward.

-Kayla, 19 years old. Taylors, SC

(shoulder pain, neck pain, hand numbness)

After having no success with medical doctors and other chiropractors with left shoulder pain radiating into my neck and hands falling asleep (numbness). I turned to Dr. Franz and the NUCCA technique.

ONE treatment relieved the issues with my shoulder and hands, and my second visit shows that so far I am holding my adjustments. WHAT A RELIEF!

- John F. 63 years old.   Mauldin, SC


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