(scoliosis, migraines)

When I was 13, I suffered from severe migraines. I had one to two a week. My parents and I assumed it was a reaction to caffeine intake. We adjusted my diet and I only had occasional migraines.

When I was 14, I went to the doctor for a sports physical. My doctor recognized my scoliosis. I was sent to a specialist who immediately wanted me to wear a brace from my shoulders to my hips. I would have to wear the brace 23 hours a day, 7 days a week. The x-rays measured my curvature at 30 degrees.

A family member, who was a chiropractor, recommended I visit Franz Family Spinal Care. I began treatments and immediately no longer suffered from migraines. About a month later, I had a follow-up x-ray, with Shriner's hospital, my curve had tremendously changed and improved. I no longer needed to wear a brace. After visiting Franz Family Spinal Care, I have been able to live my life without migraines. My scoliosis does not bother me, giving me a life without pain.

- Lexia, 15 years old. Simpsonville, SC

(scoliosis, neck, jaw, back pain)

During my consultation with Dr. Ben, I told him that I had scoliosis and was a candidate for surgery when I was a teenager (37 degree curve). I always had spasms and knots in my back over the years my curve worsened to 50 degrees. Since then I have had additional neck and back pain. My backs gets kinks and I pull muscles in my lower back. When I started treatment my balance was off, had jaw pain, my left leg was one inch shorter, my lower back was higher on one side, and my shoulders were uneven, plus my head tilt and lean were way off.

After my first adjustment I noticed a difference right away. First off, when I got up from the table my right nostril was completely unclogged, and I could breathe. The pain was gone in the right side of my neck, my balance was improving, and so was my lean. After my second visit, I am nearly perfect. My balance is perfect, almost no lean, my shoulders are even as they can be, and I am walking straighter. I have had no pain in between my shoulder blades or in my jaw! My left leg is almost completely level with my right and my back is holding the correction.

I am very greatful that I met Dr. Ben and Dr. Monika, otherwise I never would have known that NUCCA could of helped me. I highly recommend Dr. Ben to anyone who is in need of a chiropractor. You can tell he is passionate about what he does and really cares about improving people's lives. Thank you Dr. Ben for literally straightening me out!

- Laura, 30 years old. Taylors, SC


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