(hand numbness, shoulder pain)

After having no success with medical doctors and other chiropractors with left shoulder pain radiating into my neck and hands falling asleep (numbness). I turned to Dr. Franz and the NUCCA technique.

ONE treatment relieved the issues with my shoulder and hands, and my second visit shows that so far I am holding my adjustments. WHAT A RELIEF!

-John F. 63 years old. Mauldin, SC


(hand numbness, neck/shoulder pain)

I was referred to Dr. Monika by a coworker because of pain in my neck/shoulder and numbness in arms and hands while sleeping.

During my first visit Dr. Monika took x-rays and measurements. She evaluated the information and made an adjustment.

I had instant relief in my neck, and have no had any more numbness in my arms and hands since the first adjustment.

I have also eliminate an anti-inflammatory medicine after this visit.

I had only one adjustment six months later and my next visit is not until April 2011.

I am a true believer in their skills and abilities in using the NUCCA process.

-Joey M, Pickens SC


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