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(headaches, neck pain, change in personality)

My 10yo daughter was like a different person...

My 10yo daughter was in a car accident that left her with headaches, neck pain, even changes to her personality. An enthusiastic athlete and straight-A student, she became indifferent about school and sports. Her pediatrician recommended Franz Family Spinal Care.

Her initial visit revealed a significant misalignment in her neck. After just one adjustment, she was like her old self again! The headaches went away completely after just three treatments and she now has to visit only once in a while to make sure her adjustments are holding.

Thanks, Dr. Franz, for giving our daughter her life back!

-Beckey, Mother of 10 years old. Greenville, SC

(migraines, skin problems)

Everyone says that being a college student is stressful, but being a college student and having horrible migraines can make it even worse. I had to carry Tylenol or Ibuprofen with me at all times; the last thing I wanted was to be stuck in Biochemistry with a horrible migraine.

I thought I did not have any options, but to continue that way. Then I saw Dr. Ben and he told me that I did not have to live that way. At first, I was skeptical; but he took his time to explain what they do at the office and how NUCCA is different. He helped me overcome my migraines and with that my constant need to carry around pain-relievers. Now whenever I get migraine, I go in for a quick adjustment.

The office also helped me with a skin problem that occurred when I reacted to some antibiotics. I stopped in to see Dr. Monika and she understood my worries. She recommended some Standard Process supplements. I would have never thought that these natural supplements could have healed my skin problems and improved my overall health.

Thank you very much Dr. Ben and Dr. Monika!

-James, 22 years old. Spartanburg, SC


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