Meniere's Disease


ringing ears, losing hearing, dizziness, fatigue (meniere's)

It took doctors over 1 year to figure out what was going on with me. It seemed like they ran every type of test or scan to figure out what was going on. Some thought it was allergies, others thought sinus conjugation was causing my symptoms and the list goes on. I had ringing in the ears, losing hearing in one of my ears, dizziness, and fatigue. Finally I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease.

With that diagnosis, I did not feel any better. They gave me a list of prescriptions to take. I am only 38 years old, and knew I was too young to live like that. I did research, and came across a forum that suggested I see a chiropractor. Not any type of chiropractor, a NUCCA chiropractor.

I was already seeing a chiropractor, and did not understand what the difference between them and NUCCA was. But since I was seeing no relief, I thought to myself what do I have to lose.

They did a thorough exam on my posture; I was amazed to see how much my body was out-of-whack. I started care and within a few days after my initial visit, I noticed that my ears were ringing less, my dizziness was about 50% better, and I could hear out of both ears! I thought to myself, if that is after one visit what will the next be like.

I went in for my follow-up and was amazed to see that instead of laying me on the table and adjusting me, they were taking measurements of my posture again. My posture was significantly better!

I have been with Franz Family Spinal Care for almost 4 months now. I can tell you that my ears no longer ring, I have complete hearing in both my ears, and if I do get dizzy it is only once in a while and last for a few minutes (compared to all day long). I never started the medication that I was prescribed.

With the help of God and these NUCCA chiropractors, I can say that I am healed!

Please do not wait years to find out what is happening or going on with you, you must see them!

Melissa J., Anderson, SC


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