Foot Pain


(high arches, foot pain)

I was introduced to NUCCA chiropractic treatment when my wife went in for treatment. I was impressed that treatment could only begin after a series of x-rays were taken and analyzed so the proper treatment procedure could be applied.

About three weeks after my wife went if for, successful treatment of her back problem, I started having problems with my right foot, in particular the arch of my right foot. Because of the pain I was unable to put weight on this foot.

I made an appointment with podiatrist to examine my foot; however, my wife suggested that before going to the podiatrist I should go to Franz Family Spinal Care clinic for treatment. During their, detailed, initial exam they discovered that my right leg was two (2) inches shorter then my left.

I received a NUCCA treatment and by the next day the pain in my foot was gone. In a followup visit, just prior to my appointment with podiatrist, I suggested that I cancel my podiatrist appointment but the Drs. encouraged me to keep the appointment. The podiatrist examined my foot and found nothing wrong.

I have received chiropractic treatments from other chiropractic clinic and received short term relief of pain. This is the first time that I have had any long term relief of pain from a chiropractic treatment.

I STRONGLY recommend Franz Family Spinal Care for treatment of your relief of pain.

-Norm K. Simpsonville, SC


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