Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain


(chronic low back pain, chronic neck pain)

I started seeing a NUCCA chiropractor about 6 years ago in Florida. I was used to a traditional chiropractic method before that and had not been happy with its results. After one visit with the NUCCA chiropractor, I felt immediate relief. I even felt like my right leg had "grown" - you see, all the other doctors told me my right leg was shorter then my left. I was now standing straight for the first time in my life!

When we moved to SC two years ago, I was disappointed that there were no NUCCA docs in the Upstate. I tried other chiropractors, one being an 'atlas orthogonal' doc - supposedly similar - but it seemed like my back and neck pain would appear more frequently than when I was under NUCCA maintenance before. So I just do what many others do, just 'lived' with the pain until it got annoying enough. And it did - so I researched again for a NUCCA doc and found Dr. Ben and Dr. Monika's website.

I wasn't real crazy about starting over again with a new doctor but I realized I had to in order to move pain-free again. Dr. Ben's analysis of me was right-on, so I knew he knew what he was doing! :) What really impressed me was the interest he has, and the time he takes with me in talking about how I feel and my lifestyle. I understand how that helps him really focus his advice and professional service on me. I also have learned a lot from him on how my body works so we can do things to help it work better.

I like the Standard Process supplements too. Some have worked very well for me. It's clear that Dr. Ben and Dr. Monika are advocates for the healthy lifestyle they support through NUCCA and Standard Process. It seems only natural that they ended up where they are today.

I highly recommend these doctors. I am happy to have found them! Hopefully others won't have to look so hard, so I try to sing their praises whenever I can.

Thank you Dr. Ben and Dr. Monika!

-Teri D. 47 y.o. Taylors, SC


(chronic neck pain, chronic back pain)

Having gone to a regular chiropractors for many years with some positive short term relief, this treatment seems to gentle and easy to be effective. I was very surprised with the immediate relief of my back and neck pain and how effective and long lasting this relief is. Since the treatment I am able to do various body movements that I have not been able to perform for many years. Life is much easier since I have received my corrected treatment.

I would recommend anyone with chronic pain to visit Franz Family Spinal Care center and let the Drs. explain the NUCCA treatment to you. IT REALLY WORKS!!

-Barb K. Simpsonville, SC


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