My 5-year-old son presented to Franz Family Spinal Care for hyperactivity and attention issues in kindergarten.  We desired a natural approach to treating these issues before ever considering medication.

Before presenting, my son was in trouble several times at school (pulling cards) for not being able to complete his papers and for talking or impulsive/disruptive type behaviors.

After receiving several adjustments under the care of Dr. Monika we started noticing changes at school.  He started completing his paperwork in the designated time frame and was less disruptive in class.  He seemed more eager to learn as his self confidence increased.

His teachers remarked to me at the end of the year conferences that he had come a long way and to “keep doing whatever you are doing”.

He is still a very active boy, but his behaviors are a lot more manageable.  We are eagerly anticipating a great 1st grade year thanks to Franz Family Spinal Care.

--Cheryl, Simpsonville


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