The Cost of Being Misaligned


What price are you willing to pay?

  • Chronic or Persistent pain?
  • Decreased Quality of Life?
  • Premature Spine/Joint Degeneration or Arthritis?
  • Shorter Life Expectancy?
  • Reduced Energy and vigor?

Do these sound like good options to you?  Not by a long shot!

Consider This

When you feel you need to get a car, home, or apartment, you shop around.  You:

  • compare features
  • consider practicality
  • look for quality
  • compare prices
  • etc.

You do your research by:

  • talking to friends
  • Scouring the internet
  • Talking to experts

Once you do all that, you are ready to invest in that thing you THINK you can't live without.

What about your life, your health, your body?

Don't you think you should put the same amount of thought and consideration into your health?

Wouldn't you say your overall health is more important than your car? After all, your car is temporary and will only last you a number of years. Your health is is your life. Your health is with you for a lifetime.  The big question is, "how important is your life?"

Much like your car, your body will give you warning signs that something is not right:

  • Things start not working right.
  • Pain and discomfort becomes known.
  • Things pop or grind when moving.
  • Things begin to lose power and strength

Your body is notifying you that something is wrong.  As with anything, the longer you leave it untreated, the larger the problem will grow. Just like your car, or anything, eventually your body will break down, stop working, and die. You think you have problems now? Just wait and see what they will become. The longer you wait, the worse will get.

Cost for back surgery can range from $10,000 to $80,000. Cost for neck surgery can range from $10,000 to $50,000. This does not include additional pain medications, occupational physical therapy, or time lost from work.  The cost of traditional chiropractic care averaging 80 visits a year at $4000.

The cost of NUCCA Spinal care varies from patient to patient. With NUCCA Spinal Care, patients usually only require about 1/4 as many visits as traditional chiropractic to achieve optimal results.

In return, you can avoid surgery, live pain free, increase your quality of life, have more energy, and elevate your health to a new level!

Not a bad deal is it?


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I have two herniated disc in my back. The pain was UNBEARABLE!.

My primary care doctor referred me to a spine specialist. The spine specialist gave me a steroid shot in the spine. This helped for about two days then the pain came right back.

I went to three other Chiropractors each who were sure they could help me. I tried Decompression Therapy which only increased my pain levels, which I did not realize was even possible. I was losing hope that I could regain a normal life. I was seriously thinking back surgery was going to be my only option left.

I have been to your office maybe ten times now and my pain gone. Of course, I still have the herniated disc's and I must be careful what I do, but I feel like I am back to normal again. No pain, no medications.

-Michael I. Charlotte, NC


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