What NUCCA is


Where it starts

When people have health issues, pain, or discomforts, they like to give their issues a name. You will hear people say things like:

  • "I have a headache problem"
  • "I have an sleep problem"
  • "I have a neck problem"
  • "I have a digestive problem"
  • "I have a back problem"
  • "I have a knee problem"

Most people don't realize they truly have whole body health problem. It is all connected far more than most think. This problem begins with some sort of trauma.

The twist

The body then accommodates, leading to a twisting or torquing of the human frame and all its surrounding structures. Over time this misalignment causes abnormal motion, mechanical instability, and lack of normal nerve flow. An unstable human body, like any unstable machine will break down, wear out, and fail if left in disrepair.  Learn what causes misalignments, and how your alignment can effect you

Where NUCCA comes in

NUCCA Chiropractic was developed to correct this whole body affliction. This extremely gentle procedure was designed to restore the human frame to a perfect vertical, untwisted, un-torqued, uncompromised position. The NUCCA Chiropractic procedure restores structural integrity, provides stability, and returns the body to the highest level of function.

When the spinal frame is perfectly vertical and un-torqued, the body can reach it highest potential. This is when people see the symptoms of a unstable, neglected spine disappear. However, most NUCCA Chiropractors are not just concerned with symptoms.  NUCCA Chiropractors understand that symptoms are important, but know that when you get a person's body healthy and working normally, symptoms take care of themselves. Have a look at what NUCCA Chiropractic can Help!

How NUCCA Works

NUCCA Chiropractors are basically Spinal engineers. While NUCCA Chiropractors are licensed as chiropractors, the procedure they use is nothing like you would expect.  See how NUCCA Chiropractic is different.

NUCCA Chiropractors map a person's spinal problems using extremely precise 3D x-rays and analysis.  The 3D x-rays are vital as no two individuals will have the exact same spinal misalignment.  Once the spinal misalignment has been calculated, the spine can be untwisted and restored through a series of gentle corrections.  Each and every patient's correction is tailored precisely to their individual misalignment. There is absolutely no cracking, no popping, and no twisting involved with this chiropractic procedure.  When you know exactly what is wrong, very little force is needed to correct your spinal misalignemnt.

A number of post evaluations are performed to insure the highest level of success is achieved.  Learn more about the Evaluations & Correction.

The chiropractors in this clinic plan for success with every patient.  See the Success Plan they have developed for you.


NUCCA stands for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.  It is an extremely advanced form of Upper Cervical Chiropractic care.  It is a whole body approach to health. There are only about 250 NUCCA chiropractors worldwide.  Franz Family Spinal Care is the only clinic in Upstate SC with chiropractors qualified to perform the NUCCA procedure.


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Having gone to a regular chiropractors for many years with some positive short term relief, I was very surprised with the immediate relief of my back and neck pain and how effective and long lasting this relief is.

Since the treatment I am able to do various body movements that I have not been able to perform for many years.

-Barb K. Simpsonville, SC

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