Have you ever been told to stand or sit up straight?


As it happens, your bad posture might not be entirely your fault.

That is not to say your actions don't have an effect on your posture.  Truly good posture is hard to maintain. Certain activities can have a negative impact resulting in poor posture.

How much time do you spend:

  • Seated
  • In front of a computer
  • In the car
  • At a desk for school or work
  • Standing in one spot for hours at a time

How often do we incorrectly:

  • Bend
  • Twist
  • Lift
  • Carry heavy bags or purses
  • Perform physical labor

When done wrong, these activities result in postural problems, symptoms, and ultimately poor health. Find out how its all connected.  Learning how to do these activities properly can help to better improve your posture.  Who wouldn't want to improve their posture?

What is the biggest cause of bad posture?

Everyday activities can affect our posture, but the bigger factor appears to be spinal misalignments.  A whole body misalignment truly affects every aspect of your posture from head to your toes. What causes spinal misalignments?

The bones of your spine are closely linked to the health of your:

  • postural muscles of the head neck and entire body.
  • brain stem
  • spinal cord
  • jaw/throat muscles

A misaligned spine causes uneven muscle tone in the neck, causing your head to be pulled off center. This is where most postural problems begin.

When your head is not positioned squarely on top of your neck, your whole body framework is forced to twist and contort to accommodate the unbalanced head and neck.

This leads to muscle tightness, muscle soreness, and bad body posture. This effects the muscles of the jaw, neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, and whole body.

The postural changes that can present are:

  • Head tilting
  • Forward head posture (chin jutted forward)
  • Slouching forward (rolled shoulders)
  • Lateral curves to spine (scoliosis like)
  • Pelvic rotation or twist
  • One hip higher than other
  • One leg appearing longer than other
  • Carrying more weight on one leg than the other

None of these are signed of good posture.

This unhappy domino effect does more than ruin your posture.

When your body is out of alignment, over time problems will begin to show up.  Symptoms often begin slowly and get progressively worse.  What price will you pay for being misaligned? How do I know if I am misaligned or if I have bad posture?

Often people notice one or more of the following:

  • Reduced energy
  • Poorer physical or athletic performance
  • Increased fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain
  • Poor balance
  • Decreased concentration or mental function
  • & more

Most people never consider how important good posture is, or how damaging poor posture can be.

The solution to poor posture in Greenville & Simpsonville.

How would you like to find the key to good posture?  Improving to Perfect posture is a goal for many, but can be difficult to gain if there is an underlying problem.

This is where NUCCA Chiropractic comes in.  See what NUCCA Chiropractic can help with.

NUCCA Chiropractic identifies and corrects the full body misalignment while improving your bodies postural imbalances.  Correcting the full body misalignment removes the reason for your body to twist, contort, and display poor posture.  NUCCA chiropractors perfectly align the spine allowing for perfect posture, and better body function.  Click to learn what NUCCA Chiropractic is, and how NUCCA Chiropractic is different.

Suffering with poor posture?  Looking for a way to improve to good posture?  Come in today and talk with our Greenville, Simpsonville posture specialists.  Let us straighten you out and get you on your way to good posture again.  Ask about our free posture evaluation!


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A family member, who was a chiropractor, recommended I visit Franz Family Spinal Care. I began treatments for my 30 degree scoliosis curve and migraines. Immediately I no longer suffered from migraines.

About a month later, I had a follow-up x-ray, with Shriner's hospital, my curve had tremendously changed and improved. I no longer needed to wear a brace. After visiting Franz Family Spinal Care, I have been able to live my life without migraines. My scoliosis does not bother me, giving me a life without pain.

- Lexia, 15 years old. Simpsonville, SC

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