How NUCCA Chiropractic is Different


Fewer Visits, Longer Lasting results:

  • The average patient needs only 1/4 as many visits as with traditional chiropractic
  • Get corrected only when necessary, not on every visit
  • Benefit from holding your correction weeks, months, and even longer

Gentle & Precise:

  • Chiropractic with:
    • No popping
    • No cracking
    • No twisting
  • Gentle chiropractic tailored precisely to your spine and your conditions
  • Get results without painful adjustments

Correct the Problem:

  • Rather than covering up the symptoms


  • Avoid expensive procedures or surgery

Predictable and Reproducible Results:

  • Take the guess-work out of your care
  • Results you can see, feel, and rely on

Correct the Entire Body:

  • Untwist and un-torque the entire spine
  • Relieve pain and stress on the joints and discs throughout your body
  • Relieve nerve compression & the resulting dysfunction throughout your body
  • Benefit from long term spinal stability

Supported by Research:


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After 5 weeks and only three adjustments my blood pressure reading has dropped more than 30 points in the top number and more than 10 points in the bottom number. I don't remember it ever being this low before.

In addition, I no longer have pain and discomfort in my neck, shoulder, and leg. This treatment has made a big difference in my life.

-Mary, 50 years old. Simsponville, SC

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