Plan for Success


The Chiropractors at this Greenville clinic plan for the highest level of success with every patient they take on. They follow a health blueprint which has  three phases:

  1. Corrective
  2. Stabilization
  3. Optimization

Corrective Phase

Finding and fixing your problem.

  • Find the underlying cause of pain, discomfort, and poor nerve function.
  • Correct the underlying problem (restore perfect body mechanics, and relieve pain).

Correcting the mechanics of the body framework through NUCCA Chiropractic should be the foundation of every person's health.  What is NUCCA Chiropractic?

Stabilization Phase

Once perfect body mechanics have been restored, the key is to maintain them.

  • Stabilize
  • Protect
  • Preserve 

This is where the real healing begins.

Optimization Phase

A whole new you! Once stable, your body can really optimize the healing & rehabilitation process.  Here our Doctors partner with the patient in a progressive program of:

  • nutrition
  • exercise
  • stress balance

This phase of the success plan moves many to a place of strength, health, and wellbeing far beyond anything they have experienced in years.  You can achieve this level of health and freedom from pain without any of the crunching, popping, twisting, or forceful adjustments typical of traditional chiropractic.  Learn how NUCCA Chiropractic is Different.

A Solid Foundation for True Healing, True Health, & Ultimate Wellness

In many chiropractic clinics, you never make it past the corrective phase.  If the underlying issue is not resolved, only temporary symptomatic relief can be achieved.

The Chiropractors at this Greenville clinic focus on the cause of your health problems, your recovery, and not just your symptoms.

Our Plan for Success provides a solid foundation for healing and wellness.  This blueprint works toward optimal health and wellness while addressing the effects of long-term degeneration.  Building a patient/doctor partnership is essential to success and the goal of attaining a long vibrant life.  Help our Chiropractors build a healthier and happier Greenville & Simpsonville starting with you!

A Health Plan for You

This plan is for people at stages of health. Your current level of health will determine how quickly you can move through each phase of this plan.  Through the NUCCA Chiropractic procedure, we have helped to elevate the health, wellness, and vitality of those people who strive for ultimate in wellness.  Similarly, we have brought new hope and relief to many chronic pain sufferers who had all but lost hope.

It is common for our NUCCA Chiropractors to work with patients who have been everywhere and tried everything with little to no success.

We often hear things like, "They did all those test and didn't find anything, but I know something is wrong," or, "No one knows what is wrong with me, but I am in so much pain."   We want the people of Greenville & Simpsonville to know that there is still hope, and real possibilities for lasting relief with NUCCA Chiropractic.  Our Chiropractors are dedicated, and will do everything in their power to change your life for the better.


Success is measured differently by all. Our office measures success not only by results but by the speed of recovery. The patients at Franz Family Spinal Care generally respond very rapidly to the NUCCA Chiropractic procedure. The reason behind this is, the higher the quality of spinal correction, the quicker and more complete the recovery.

Our NUCCA Chiropractic Success Plan has been extremely helpful for:

  • Migraine headache relief
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Fibromyalgia relief
  • Chronic back pain relief
  • Unsuccessful back & neck surgery
  • Vertigo treatment
  • Joint pain relief
  • Treatment of sports related injuries
  • and many chronic pain & chronic health conditions.

NUCCA chiropractic treatment restores spinal alignment and optimal functioning of the nervous system, which results in improvements in numerous body functions.

Drs. Ben & Monika have had extensive training and have changed the lives of many.  Please feel free to read some of our patient experiences.

Let us help you just like we have help numerous others across Greenville, Simpsonville, and the entire Upstate of SC.


To learn more about our Chiropractic Plan For Success, or to schedule your

complimentary consultation with our Greenville, Simpsonville Chiropractors

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Thank you for straightening me out. I have two herniated disc in my back. I could barely walk, stand, or do anything without taking medication. The pain was UNBEARABLE!.

I traveled from Charlotte down to your office in Simpsonville. This was the best decision I had made concerning my pain in four months. You did in three visits what other doctors could not do in four months.

You and the NUCCA Chiropractic technique are a true gift from God!

Michael I. Charlotte, NC

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