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With any product, food, health, electronics, automotive, and even construction, a great deal of the final quality stems directly from the quality of base elements.

Standard Process grows the great majority of all their ingredients on their certified organic farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin. Growing all these ingredients themselves allows for the highest degree for quality and freshness from their products. They are able to harvest the produce at the best times, inspect the produce for freshness, and even put nutrients back into the soil to continually ensure the highest nutrient value year after year.

Having their processing facilities on-site at their farms provides them with ability to get the most out of all the crops they grow. With any food, the longer you wait to eat it following its harvest, the less and less value you can receive from it. The same goes for the processing of these foods. Going straight from the field into processing is the best way to get the most from their products, and that is exactly  what they do.

In order for these foods to retain the highest nutrient value after processing, certain procedures must be strictly followed. In home preparation, most foods lose a great deal of their value once heated or cooked, and are therefore denatured. With this in mind, a low-temperature, high-vacuum process is implemented ensure these nutrient rich foods maintain their value.

Standard Process Quality Control

Standard Process has always been know for outstanding quality, and when you look at the process by which they produce their products its not had to see why. Every step they take to from seed to finished product has quality procedures built right in.

Standard Process follows all FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. These Good Manufacturing Practices address all aspects of production from raw material handling, to the manufacturing process, and on to finished goods and product labeling. Standard Process also controls all aspects of production including milling, mixing, tableting, bottling, and packaging.

Standard Process's whole food supplements not only meet, but exceed the most demanding quality standards.

The quality control methods Standard Process implements ensure that all labeling claims are met.

Standard Process Testing procedures

Testing of their products is done repeatedly throughout the manufacturing process to verify safety and quality. The average number of times any one product is tested throughout its production is six.

The following provided by Standard Process are the stages of testing that are performed on every product throughout production:

  • Stage One
    • Before anything is grown or processed at our local farm, we test the mineral and nutrient levels of the soil. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are ever used in the organic growing process.
  • Stage Two
    • Before the manufacturing process begins, scientists in our microbiology and chemistry laboratories test raw materials that will be used in our whole food supplements.
  • Stage Three
    • Standard Process' microbiologists perform bacterial testing on product batches to ensure the products are safe to continue on to the next stage of production. Our chemists perform assays on product batches to determine the nutrient content. These assays guarantee that our label claims are accurate and that maximum nutrition is being delivered.
  • Stage Four
    • Many tests are performed after the tableting and capsuling process, including:
      • Physical Tests
        • Tablets are monitored for size, weight, water activity, and hardness. Hardness testing ensures that tablets remain intact throughout the packaging and shipping process.
        • Capsules are monitored for size, weight, and water activity.
        • Powders are monitored for water activity.
        • Weights of all products are verified to guarantee that label claims are met.
      • Microbiology Tests
        • The microbiology laboratory monitors tablets, capsules, and powders for bacterial contamination before and after the bottling process.

Standard Process takes great pride in its quality assurance program. Our team of trained microbiologists and chemists work hard to guarantee our customers receive the best quality products on the market today.


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